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I guess I'd better do one of these, too. For my new girl head over here! For my oldbies, stick around.

Steve "Captain America" Rogers ([livejournal.com profile] screwyoumarvel)
* Hails from Marvel and, before that, Timely Comics
* Teaching Creative Art this semester
* Is not Chris Evans
* Is, however, Captain freaking America
* From Manhattan
* Lives at MCA #9
* Really about the nicest person you could hope to meet
* Fought in World War II
* Punched Hitler
* Frozen in an iceberg for ~handwavey years
* Trained as an artist
* Powers: Steve is at the pinnacle of physical human ability and a master strategist
* Parents: Dead

Spock ([livejournal.com profile] eyebrowgoesup)
* Hails from Star Trek XI
* Senior
* Is not Leonard Nimoy
* Is not Sylar, either
* From the planet Vulcan. Also, the future.
* Lives in room 512, currently with Momoko Akatsutsumi ([livejournal.com profile] heromaniac), although she is leaving. D:
* Works at Fixer Uppers on Tuesdays
* Half-Vulcan, half-Human
* Pointy ears, green blood and accompanying greenish skin, upswept eyebrows, aversion to cold, logic yay, you know the deal
* Smarter than you
* Powers: Touch telepathy, Vulcan mind meld, greater than human strength, Vulcan nerve pinch1
* Parents: Alive

1Petra can do the Vulcan nerve pinch, too. I don't know either. Let's say 'pressure points.'

Alex "Phobos" Aaron ([livejournal.com profile] thegodofxbox)
* Hails from Marvel comics
* Wee little freshman
* From the Bronx by way of New Jersey by way of Mount Olympus
* Lives in room 504 with Wesley Wyndham-Pryce ([livejournal.com profile] wesleynotponcy)
* Works at Wellspring Arms & Meditation Center on Thursdays
* Semi-employed by Nick Fury. He calls him Nicholas.
* Kind of a brat
* Son of Ares, Greek god of war. Loves his dad; thinks he is awesome.
* Is big on honor and being a hero.
* God of fear. Like, for real. (Also panic, dread, and battlefield rout)
* God of Xbox. Maybe not for real but in my head it is.
* Not really afraid of anything, because...he's fear.
* Perfectly nice, enthusiastic, friendly kid who you might happen to find a little creepy for no apparent reason because...he's fear.
* Powers: Limited precognition (sometimes he just sort of knows what's going to happen next) and a heap of godly fear powers: ability to sense fear, ability to induce fear in others, knows what you're afraid of. Now that he's died and come back once, his demigod mortality has burned away and Alex is immortal in the sense all Marvel gods are: he can be killed, but it's really, really hard to do, and it won't keep him down for long.
Parents: Father: currently alive again; mother: status unknown
For a little more information and to check in with whether or not Alex can read/mess with your characters, go here.

Jenny "I Don't Need a Code Name" Sparks ([livejournal.com profile] ashockingbitch)
* Hails from The Authority
* Alumna
* Born at midnight on January 1, 1900
* Soon to be attending Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University, reading philosophy
* Because she can
* She picked Sidney Sussex because it's across the street from the grocery store
* Drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney, swears like a sailor
* Powers: Various electricity-related nonsense; resistance to injury; immortality (originally with a timestamp of midnight, 2000, but that has changed due to circumstance.)
* Parents: Died on the Titanic

Roy "Maybe Arsenal" Harper ([livejournal.com profile] exspeedydotcom)
* Hails from DC Comics
* Alumnus
* Adopted by Oliver "I suck at raising kids" Queen after his Navajo adoptive father died
* Second best archer in the entire Marvel universe
* Recovering heroin addict
* Manwhore
* Soon leaving the island to move to New York City
* Powers: None; badass normal
* Parents: Mother, unknown; Father, died in a forest fire; first adopted father, died of cancer; second adopted father, disowned him. Roy wins.

Z "Yellow Ranger" Delgado ([livejournal.com profile] multiplez)
* Hails from Power Rangers: SPD
* Alumna
* Lives in Newtech City, the future, with assorted other alumni
* One day we are going to finish up canon, I swear.
* Made of emo
* Dating our OC, Ghost Chan
* Formerly homeless thief
* Powers: can make replicates of herself; standard Power Ranger powers; can arrest you
* Parents: Dead.

Skank Zero "This Is My Real Name" Hopeless-Savage (lj user=swerval-zero>)
* Hails from Hopeless Savages
* Alumna
* Singer, guitarist, filmmaker, performance artist, stunt double, terrorizer of Tom Cruise
* Lives in Los Angeles, where she is trying to restart her career after being away for a while
* Previously dated Peter Parker for several years, and moved to his universe for a while. They broke up amicably.
* Is, somehow, best friends with Miss Parker
* Drives a giant teal van named Dave. Dave is a girl van. Owns a cockatoo named Fish.
* Makes up wordlings that aren't real enough.
* Powers: None. Which is to say, the power of swerval (that means awesome).
* Parents: Alive, swerval.

OH YEAH I knew I forgot something.
Ziho, aka Z, aka 'hey you'
* Central US time zone (specifically, Alabama)
* Currently (still) unemployed and jobhunting
* Really random availability, largely in the evenings.

Questions, comments, etc.?


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