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Who has power and an internet connection five days ahead of the optimistic estimate? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE! Yeah, this is [livejournal.com profile] screwyoumarvel here, not even trying to stealth. We're totally fine here in my corner of Alabama, no damage at all, and everyone in my family is okay.

Now, on to the fun stuff: in addition to power and an internet connection, I also have a new character! This infopost would have been up way sooner if I, you know, had had power. Meet Alex Aaron, aka Phobos. It's not just a nifty codename, either. This thirteen-year-old superhero also happens to be Marvel's second incarnation of the Greek god of fear, dread, terror, and battlefield rout.

He may also have accidentally declared himself the god of Xbox. Which means several of you should probably start praying to him.

Canon: Alex hails from the Marvel miniseries Ares: God of War and the ongoing series Secret Warriors. He used to think he was a normal kid with a single dad, but he wasn't, really, he was a demigod. Then, through the events of Ares: God of War, he became a full god and inherited the mantle of Phobos when the first one died. He and his dad moved to New York to seek an adventure, and they found one. Ares became an Avenger and Alex joined Nick Fury's Secret Warriors to fight the Skrull invasion.

Then Norman Osborn took over the Avengers and Ares stayed with them, so Alex wound up fighting against his dad's side, but get this: they still loved each other and refused to fight one another, and Ares helped his son out when he could, even though he didn't understand Alex's choices and Alex didn't understand his. That's right, a pair of Greek gods in Marvel have a functional father/son relationship.

I know, it's crazy. It's also really sweet. Don't let Ares know I said that.

Character: So Alex is thirteen, because I said he is, because here's the thing: when they took him for Secret Warriors, they apparently didn't read Ares: God of War for a while, so Alex got massively retconned, and then they undid the retcon, and at this point no one's sure how old he is and how he's drawn fluctuates from issue to issue. So we're going with thirteen, and a freshman in high school. He's blond, blue-eyed, kind of on the short side for his age, though he's probably due for a growth spurt, slim, strong, and has a profile you could put on a Grecian urn. Naturally. Honor means a lot to him, and he wants to have adventures and be a hero and make some friends. Also, to skip class a lot to have these adventures.

He's also the god of fear. You might find this cheerful, pleasant boy vaguely creepy for no reason you can pin down, or he might slip into a good brood and just be outright creepy and weird. He doesn't fear anything, because he is fear. He has various fear-related powers, including the ability to sense one's greatest fear and induce and intensify fear in others. His eyes glow kind of pink when he's using his powers on a strong scale. He also has exhibited precognition, explaining that since he became a god he just sort of knows what is going to happen sometimes. This is part of why he is so killer at Xbox. As the son of war, he is pretty formidable in combat, and his weapon of choice is the Grasscutter Blade, which can cut anything and was stained red by Ares' blood ("The blood of War does truly run red"), and which Alex sort of treats like other kids might treat their puppy.

As a total brat, Alex has been known to break into Nick Fury's office and rifle around just because.

Timeline: Over with the Avengers, things didn't go so great for Ares once he figured out Norman Osborn was the bad guy (Ares is not the god of war generally known for his morality, and I genuinely don't think anyone told him Osborn was the wrong side anyway), and he wound up, well, dead. He's a Greek god and it's comics anyway, so no worries there. And then Alex wound up battling against an undead Hydra villain wielding his Grasscutter's imperfect twin, Godkiller, and...well. You can see where this is going. But, again, comics, Greek gods: they'll be fine. Especially since Ares told Alex at one point that until he died and returned to life, he wouldn't quite be a full god, even though he wasn't exactly a demigod any more either.

So Alex is coming to FH from after his death and handwavey return to life. He and his dad flipped the pantheon the bird again and went back to New York, but Ares is a canny old warhorse and decided the best thing to do would be to send Alex to a boarding school for unusual teenagers, rather than letting him run around Marvel New York with all its trouble to get into. You can't go truant from boarding school, right?

Alex is not necessarily happy about this, but he'll make do.

Seriously Important Bit: Alex is also Phobos, god of fear. He can sense people's greatest fear and use their fears against them. He's used his powers against other people very rarely and only in battle situations in canon, but, you never know what will come up. Sooooo, I need to know who he can and can't read/mess with, and if you want to also tell me what your character's afraid of, that would be great. Keep in mind, he's a god, so he's seriously high-powered; in his own universe psychic powers and psychic shielding doesn't really have any effect on him (hey Sentry), but other realities' mileage may vary. Obviously I won't be messing around with characters' heads in such a serious way in specific situations without checking with their players first; this is for reference, mostly. Please comment in the OCD in the thread relevant to your character.

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Date: 2011-04-30 05:22 am (UTC)
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Since I said yes below...uhh, it's a tie between being abandoned by everyone she loves, especially if it's her fault (say everyone turning their backs on her because of what happened with Warren) or an assault that leaves her incapable of using Craft anymore.


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