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Alex, like so many other Fandom residents, woke up on Saturday morning with breasts. Unlike most, however, after yanking his t-shirt neck open so he could look down at them and confirm that yep, those were boobs, he did not automatically assume this was a mere case of Fandom wacky. He was, after all, a god, and sometimes these things happened to them for other reasons. Which was why he immediately scrambled out of bed and started digging under his bed for the box he'd shoved there in the vague hope it wouldn't explode.

There was a Chia pet in the box. A familiar-looking one. Alex studied it for a long moment, coming to the dim, distant realization that Norman Osborn's actual hair might be made of actual Chia, and then his fingers convulsed and the thing shattered into shards.

He was still a girl, so there probably wasn't a spell on the Chia Osborn, but this meant war. Luckily, Alex was ready.

((Mostly establishy, but can be open to the roommate or anyone who wants to drop by and knock!))
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Alex had a project. And, for once, it did not involve his Xbox. Or anything sharp, unless you counted an X-acto knife. Sure, he could kill someone with it, but he wasn't planning to, so he totally didn't count it. He'd looked up the information he needed yesterday at handwavey shut up work, then done some shopping, and today, as soon as he got out of Cyclops--he meant Mr. Summers--class, he cleared all the crap off his desk so he could get to work.

Okay, he moved it all onto his bed, and probably when he wanted to sleep he'd move it to the floor of his closet, but whatever, his desk was now a clear workspace for his grand project...which was carefully and meticulously transforming two meta forMy Little Ponies into one of Loki's kids. It was too soon for it now, but he wanted to have it ready to deploy when the moment was right.

And until that moment came, he could always just punch Loki more.

Despite the fact that it seriously compromised his privacy and expectation of secrecy, the door was open to let the glue and paint fumes dissipate.

((Open door, open post!))


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